If you need a Business Consultant, I am your
man! I offer Point of Sales Systems and
Sam's Merchant Services! Retired Army!
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Retired Army Veteran entering his third year as a Business Consultant for First Data
Sam's Club Merchant Services
Thomas Coker is an effective Motivator, Business Consultant, and Partner. His expertise in organizing businesses is vast. He utilizes his Military experience as well as his keen business sense to help small business owners organize and grow thier business. He will help lower the cost of business on average about twenty five percent. His knowlege of the SEO Marketing space allows him to offer solid suggestions to increase foot traffic positively affecting the bottom line.

Thomas starts with understanding a small businesses needs and uses consultative selling to fit the right solution for a business. He does not look at sales as the be all end all game. He takes his job as an opportunity to help his community thrive. He enjoys his partners successes. He revels in his partner learning new ways to improve thier business.

Thomas Coker is friendly and approachable, while being informative and professional. He offers credit card processing, POS integration, Inventory Management, Customer Engagment, Web Hosting, Labor Management, and ultimately larger bottom line profit! You should tap into his knowlege to cut cost, gain capabilities, and improve your business!!
The businesses that Thomas serves enjoys his can do attitude. He is always stopping by making himself available. He can  be reached easily most any time and will take the time to consult when needed.
Thomas Coker is an effective Business Consultant, once assigned a need Thomas will work closely with the client to deliever products or knowlege in an easy to digest way. Thomas has 25 years experience in electronics and works tirelessly on any problems encountered to the satisfaction of the business owner. You are not alone! You have a dedicated partner in the business!!!